Friday, September 20, 2013

Work: It's Not A Dirty Word

Isn't it a shame that our country has become so dependent on government for all their needs that a writer like Marta H. Mossberg is forced to point out the obvious?  "Today, 5.7 million fewer Americans are working or looking for work. This drop accounts for virtually the entire reduction of the unemployment rate since 2009—those not looking for work do not count as unemployed. If there aren’t jobs, more people will need government assistance in an ever growing unvirtuous cycle that makes government bigger specifically because of its incompetence...But the bigger issue is psychological and moral. Work brings meaning and purpose to people’s lives. With the number of able bodied adults not working at record lows, it means a lot of people are adrift, and their families and ultimately the nation with them."  There ought to be an ad campaign touting the value of work, rather than ads encouraging people to sign up for Obamaphones and food stamps.

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