Saturday, December 14, 2013

More of The New Normal

It's not the guns' fault, and it's not the fault of mental illness, or ADD, or whatever other excuses are used. Shooting and killing people results when kids and adults are never taught the difference between right and wrong; how to react appropriately to rejection; and the values of respect and decency. And that's why you have crimes like these:

(1) "An 18-year-old high school student reportedly frustrated when he was ejected from the school debate club has been identified as the shooter who opened fire at a suburban Colorado high school Friday, wounding another student before killing himself."  You don't make the team? Big deal!

(2) "18-year-old arrested for beating, raping elderly nun outside church." I guess nobody teaches respect for ones elders any more.

(3) "A 13-year-old carjacking suspect was arrested Friday morning after crashing a stolen vehicle in West Oakland while being pursued by police, authorities said. A suspect simulating a gun had stolen the 2000 Honda Accord from a 78-year-old man..."  Ditto. The lack of fear on the part of these criminals is what's truly frightening.

So stop obsessing about the weapons -- it's the lack of conscience and morals we have to worry about.

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