Thursday, January 16, 2014

Most Unforgivably Insulting Excuse of the Week

I give up! These people must think we're all morons. 

"A Polish municipal prosecutor trying a case in which Polish League soccer fans shouted anti-Semitic chants, saying they'd send Jews to Auschwitz gas chambers, decided on Wednesday that the calls were not criminally racist.
The chants, which included such memorable lines as 'move on Jews,' 'your home is at Auschwitz,' and 'send you to the gas (chamber),' were made by Lech Poznan fans during a game last September against Widzew Lodz. Furthermore, the fans reportedly waved flags with Nazi symbols.
Widzew Lodz is considered to have ties with Jews, even from the days of the Holocaust, when a large number of Jews were involved with the team. Poland had the largest Jewish community in Europe before the Holocaust, when roughly 90% of the country's over 3 million Jews were murdered.
Nevertheless, prosecutor Monika Rutkowsk ruled the chants did not constitute a criminal offense, claiming that the slurs targeted opposing players and not Jews specifically, adding they came in a sports event rather than a social or political discussion, reports International Business Times..."

Yes, I always associate the swastika, and words such as "gas chamber" and "Jews", with blacks and Catholics. Doesn't everybody?

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