Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What The Silent Majority is Afraid to Say

It's about time!  Ross Kaminsky asks the question I've been asking myself: "Must same-sex news be all that's fit to print?" Enough already!  This obvious propaganda deluge is very annoying, especially the accolades over that football player (and previously, the basketball player) who announced he was a homosexual and was greeted with effusive praise by Michelle Obama, as if he had found a cure for cancer.  Kaminsky writes, "it’s time for the media to stop beating us over the head with tiresome politically correct gay-related puffery. How about this: Don’t write any story about a gay person that you wouldn’t write about a straight person. If you’re proud of a soldier or athlete or politician, it should be for his soldiering or athleticism or cutting our taxes, respectively, and not because Bill sleeps with Ted or Thelma is hot for Louise."  Amen to that. Thanks to political correctness, the silent majority can't say things like this..

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