Friday, August 01, 2014

Who The Jew-Haters Are

The following is an excerpt from a spot-on column by Naomi Ragen. Click here for the entire thing, and pass it on. (Unfortunately, the people described below won't read it.)

"Dear Human Rights Activist, Leftist Liberal, Crying-for-the-poor-children, Israel-hating, Hamas-forgiving, marcher, celebrity, news anchor, journalist, writer, media star, politician, head of state. We have seen you marching along the streets of Europe, America, and the Middle East with your signs and kafias and Palestinian flags. We have heard you screaming to whoever will listen that Jews and Israelis are murderers, war criminals, and baby killers.
You think you are telling us who we are. But actually, you are telling us who you are.
  • You are telling us that you are ignorant. 
  • You are telling us you don’t really care about Palestinians or their children. 
  • You are telling us that you are in favor of genocide.You are telling us that you hate Jews, not just Israelis.You are telling us you are ill-informed, uneducated and/or too stupid or too lazy to read history books.  
  • But most of all, you are showing God who you are and the evil that is in your heart.
You are not the first ignorant, bigoted, racist, hateful people to stand against the Jews. But you just might be the last. By joining your voice and your body with those who hate justice, who love violence, and who follow in the footsteps of the Jew-haters throughout history, you are singling yourself out for the punishment that befalls all such people in history sooner or later. Check your history books on that one. Every people who hated Jews eventually became extinct. The Jews survived. Looking forward to your next march, your next petition, and your next newscast to see who you are. We already know what you are."

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