Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Important Questions from Arutz Sheva

In his op-ed "Don't American Jews Realize They Are All Klinghoffer?", Rabbi Berel Wein writes, "The New York Times, one of the leaders of the consistently shrill anti-Israel chorus, in its column regarding the production of this opera interviewed a few Jewish opera goers who were present at the Klinghoffer opera. These Jews were naturally not disturbed by the nature or message of the production and seem to be somewhat bewildered as to what all of the controversy was about. They unfortunately represent a large section of the American Jewish community that is completely asleep as its society hurtles towards the brink of societal weakness, loss of influence, if not even self extinction. They just don't understand that they are Klinghoffer. And that therefore they are applauding their own eventual demise."

And in the op-ed "What Would Toscanini Do?", which mentions how Toscanini refused to perform for Mussolini or conduct the Italian national anthem while the Met staged an opera about a murder of a helpless man by the PLO, these questions are posed:  "What does it mean to portray them and their cause in a romantic and flattering way?
What does it mean that we have allowed the ideas of terrorist groups to permeate our culture at every level and in every way?
Artful propaganda legitimizes terrorists who are already planning to attack civilians. The world’s threshold of resistance is being fatefully lowered, not only by the endless number of just such attacks but by the denial that such attacks exist, or pose a threat."

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