Monday, October 12, 2015


You must read Michael Fruend's column, #JewishLivesMatter.  He writes,
"It is an intuitive anti-Semitism that is at work, one that speaks volumes about those who cannot muster the minimal moral courage needed to decry the murder of innocent Jews. We cannot remain silent. We dare not turn taciturn and allow this to pass unnoticed. Let's raise our voices and shout from the roof-tops, flood social-media and storm the fortresses of ignorance and anti-Jewish bigotry. Seventy years after Auschwitz it should not need to be said, but apparently it still does: Jewish lives matter too. It is time we remind the world of this simple and unassailable truth.
Use the hashtag #JewishLivesMatter and spread this message at every opportunity."

Unfortunately, it seems that Jewish lives matter only to other Jews.

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