Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rubio + Israel

I liked this op-ed from The Algemeiner, Why I, an American-Israeli, Support Marco Rubio for President.  Writer Douglas Altabef discusses the candidates in regards to Israel, and he concludes, "His personal story, background, youth and understanding of issues have impressed a broad spectrum of the electorate. He consistently polls as being the most electable of the Republicans.
Rubio can and would defeat Clinton in an election. The numbers showing up for voting in Republican versus Democratic primaries clearly contrast the excitement and desire level in 2016. The advantage is all to the GOP. Plus, if Rubio were to run with Kasich, a popular governor of Ohio, he would have strength in the two most important states in recent elections — Florida and Ohio — as well as a strong appeal to independents and moderate Democrats.
Also, at the end of the day, Americans want to vote for their hopes and not just their fears. Rubio offers hope; Clinton offers a déjà vu and reality that it’s all about her and the Clintons, and their situational ethics and cronyism.
So with that combination of being a true friend of ours, and a man who could very well wrest the presidency away from Democrats increasingly hostile to Israel, Marco Rubio is, for this American Israeli, the clear choice for president in 2016."

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