Friday, February 03, 2017

More Terrorism in France, More Denial in America

This headline says it all: "Muslim with dark view of Islam attacks in Louvre 2 days after NY Times warns of Trump’s 'dark view of Islam'." By all means, keep letting them in!

Here's how the New York Times downplayed this attack:  "Assailant Near Louvre Is Shot by French Soldier. A man armed with two large knives and shouting 'God is great' in Arabic lunged at a military patrol near an entrance to the Louvre on Friday, causing little harm, but rattling a city already on edge over terrorist attacks and casting another shadow over its international image. A soldier opened fire, hitting the attacker several times, but not before he slashed at one of the other soldiers, causing minor injuries."

Somehow, I think that there'd be more outrage if the "attacker" had slashed the famous paintings with his machete than if he had seriously wounded or killed visitors.

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