Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Unforgettable Reminder

They've made a film about a powerful image -- the tattooed arms of Holocaust survivors:
"Survivors didn’t have a choice about their tattooed numbers; those were forced on them in the camps, often with pain and violence. But today, their children and grandchildren, the second- and third-generation survivors, are choosing to be marked with a tattoo, replicating the numbers on their bodies. A middle-aged woman who just lost her father recalls that his number was incorporated into the very fabric of their life: The family used it for lock codes and passwords; the number became part of everyday routine. When the woman’s father passed away, she had his number tattooed on her leg. A young grandson of Abramo, a survivor from Thessaloniki, had his beloved grandfather’s number tattooed on his arm, in the exact same place as Abramo. 'Is this so that they don’t forget?' the old man asks him. 'So that I’ll never forget,' his grandson answers."

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