Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ignoring Hard Work

Here's a terrific reader retort to Obama's latest class warfare comment that the rich are rich not because they have worked hard all their lives, but because they are "lucky":
"Obama, why don't you explain to the 'unlucky' that some of them are doing NOTHING at all and that THEY are lucky that someone is paying for their housing and health care and their food. And you and the ungrateful 'unlucky' ones both complain that it's not enough.
And then you tell the 'lucky' ones that YOU want THEM to pay more. Pay more, for example, to bail out the GM unions that helped drive the company into the ground. The 'lucky' ones get the privilege to pay for all the stupid mistakes YOU and people like you have made.
That attitude just burns me up.
Maybe you need to teach these folks how to become 'lucky' so I won't have to listen to those stupid ads on the radio about the little girl who gets up in the middle of the night hungry and finds the fridge empty because her parent has not signed up for food stamps yet. Tell all your friends to sign up, too!
What you should be telling them is that they should walk up to several 'lucky' looking people each day and say, 'Thanks for helping us out until we can get back on our feet again.' How 'bout some thanks, not just demands?"

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