Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miss Nixon Yet?

Kathleen Parker has a roundup of disasters from the Obama White House.  The title is "The White House Comedy Club", but it's no joke.  After discussing the wiretapping of European leaders, she sums it all up nicely:

"Consequences, which include potential damage to a transatlantic free trade agreement, are yet to be fully imagined. What we cannot avoid registering is that we look like not the glimmering city on the hill but a ship of untrustworthy fools.
We reportedly eavesdrop on our allies and force citizens to buy insurance through a system we can’t manage. We concoct character-smearing rumors and attach them to our political adversaries. And that’s just the executive branch. Most important, we have damaged our bonds of trust with nations we need to keep as friends.
Any one of the above would make for a very bad week in governance. Combined, they suggest an uncomfortable conclusion to the world we purport to lead: The lights are flickering in the city on the hill, and our ship of state is foundering."

At,  comment #10 is very good:

"There really are only two possible reasons for Obama´s gargantuan faux pas and sheer numbers of blunders, both foreign and domestic:
1. He is deliberately isolating America from not only our allies and our enemies (except for Iran and other Muslim nations), but from the American people as well - in order to ready our sacred soil for Sharia rule from both outside and from inside.
2. He is so unfathomably obtuse, ignorant and incompetent that he has for the first time in our history made us a very flabby target for nuke-intensive nations who abhor our way of life.
One can argue unsuccessfully that because he 'leads from behind' that other people in his Administration are the ones to blame. But he is President. The buck stops at his desk, regardless of how he and his sycophant media present the problems.
In either possibility, America is in the most dangerous place she has been in my long life and it isn´t just business as usual, waiting for his term to be over so we can try getting America back on track. He has already 'fundamentally transformed America' for the worse.          

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