Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quarterback Qualities

Here's a perfect description of Tony Romo by Bill Simmons: "Meanwhile, here's Tony Romo's season so far: 1,523 yards, 71.8 completion percentage, 13 TDs, 2 picks, 114.3 QB rating, 69.4 QBR, 7-8 unofficial 'WOW!' plays, one cruelly unfair game-ending interception that made everyone feel bad for Tony Romo again. It's officially impossible to root against Romo unless you root for the Giants/D.C. Daceys/Eagles — he's like the pre-2004 Red Sox, the Cubs/Browns/Suns/Bills right now, or every Daniel Bryan WWE title match. It's weird to think that a football player's mojo has reached the point that, even as he's having the game of his life and one of the best games in quarterback history, you're sitting there thinking, I wonder what's gonna go wrong? But that's where we are. I can't figure out how much of this is Romo's fault and how much of it comes down to overwhelmingly bad luck. Just know that I always find myself rooting for him now." I feel the same way.

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