Saturday, April 26, 2014

Israel, Defend Yourself!

Gil Solomon writes that it's time for Israel to take off the gloves, and here's why:
"The Obama-brokered 'peace talks' have fallen in a heap due to three main issues.
1. The unrelenting demands by an enemy that did not enter the talks in good faith and which to this day continues with the indoctrination of its population to hate the Jews and Israel.
2. The unrelenting concessions demanded by a US administration which on many occasions could have been taken for the mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority (PA).
3. The realization – finally having sunk in to diehard Israeli leftists – that indulging the PA’s never ending claims and fantasies any further would mean national suicide.                                                                   Defying the Obama-inspired 'talks' by refusing to release the third batch of murderers gives hope that Israel has had enough and is finally getting up off its knees.
Let the gloves to come off now and let Israel declare the Oslo Accords a tragic mistake that recognized a people who never existed in the annals of history and expose to the world – in clear and unambiguous language – the fiction that is the 'Palestinian' narrative.
Israel must declare that the current so called 'peace talks' are dead and buried, not just stopped, and that the PA’s day in the sun and limelight on the world stage is well and truly over."

Bravo! I wish I heard this sentiment more often. Now go read the rest of the column and applaud some more.

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