Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Trading Pollard For "Peace"

Ugh, what a despicable, embarrassing idea this is, trying to bribe Israel via Jonathan Pollard!  I agree with MK Danny Danon's good op-ed piece in Israel Hayom:  

"Introducing the name 'Pollard' into the equation is a cynical, harmful attempt to exploit certain Jewish values, including the value of 'returning our sons to their land,' over others. For 29 years, Jonathan Pollard has languished in prison so the U.S. could teach its good friend in the Middle East a lesson. Our friend the U.S. is forcing us to try to complete an unfair equation: one prisoner for 426. One man, who paid his dues over dozens of years in prison, who is not a threat to society, for hundreds of menacing terrorists, several of whom committed murder or were complicit in the slaughter of hundreds of Israelis. We all want to see Pollard out of jail and in Israel, but not like this."  

Read the entire column.

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