Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Brainwashing of America

This is a very good article by Austin Hill, titled "'Just Believe': The Closing Of The American Progressive Mind On Matters Of The Economy And Energy."

"Have you noticed that the cries of the cultural and political 'left' in the U.S. are becoming more venomous and shrill? As President Barack Obama flails on the international stage and approval for his domestic agenda and his party in Congress slips away, so-called 'progressive' Americans are also watching something else slip away: the chances of politicians and government bureaucrats getting a strangle-hold on the petroleum energy industry."

" people on at least three different continents have elected governments that are abandoning the progressive goal of destroying the petroleum energy industry and moving in the exact opposite direction of the Obama Administration."

"True believers in President Obama’s agenda probably won’t allow themselves to ask difficult questions or to consider how the world is changing, at least that probably won’t happen anytime soon. The rest of us, however, need to speak up, face the facts, and stop ignoring harsh realities on the economy and energy policy."

Well, we do speak up, but we're muzzled because we don't follow the Democrat Party line and the Obama's Little Red Book of anti-business, anti-oil, anti-self-reliance philosophy. 

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