Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cash for Stinkers

Obama is going to give Iran $50 billion dollars if they sign the nuclear agreement.  On the web this is cleverly being referred to as a signing bonus. Remember Cash for Clunkers? Now you have Cash for Stinkers!

This is via Israel Matzav: "An immediate and irreversible infusion of $50 billion would boost Iran's GDP by more than 10% overnight and signal the end of meaningful financial pressure. But it would also allow the White House to continue insisting that sanctions relief was being phased out in principle: all the sanctions that matter would get removed immediately, but there would still be a few sanctions left as a legal matter.

The trick could still prove politically toxic on the Hill. It would provide the Iranians with an infusion of $50 billion for their terror infrastructure and their march across the Middle East, which would panic our Arab allies. who are at war with Iran because of those campaigns. It’s also $50 billion to a regime that is dedicated to America's destruction and that killed over a thousand American soldiers. That spins itself."

How does Obama continue to get away with these things? It helps that the American media is so compliant and that the American people are so stupid.

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