Sunday, April 19, 2015

20 Years Ago: Oklahoma City Bombing

Thi is a day we'll never forget, but I see many media outlets downplaying the horror of the bombing and the death and destruction caused by Timothy McVeigh. One newspaper article even mentioned McVeigh's sense of humor, so even now, liberals can't bring themselves to speak harshly of terrorists and must try to humanize them.  Reuters has this amazing statement: "Also attending the ceremony were some of the so-called "miracle babies" who were at a daycare center in the building when the bomb exploded. Despite seared lungs, ravaged faces and mental and psychological scars, they try not to dwell on the past."

The New York Daily News has it about right: "Oklahoma City bombing pain lingers for victims' kin 20 years later, including mom who wanted to kill Timothy McVeigh herself."

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