Friday, May 15, 2015

Justice Served

Here's an excellent column by Joe Fitzgerald about today's death sentence: Lives of the victims trump that of a terrorist.

"The worth of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s evil life is not what matters today.
The question is, what was Martin Richard’s life worth?
What was Lingzi Lu’s life worth?
What was Krystle Campbell’s life worth?
What was MIT Officer Sean Collier’s life worth?
How do you place a value on all that will not happen in the futures that were taken from them by this Muslim madman who thought he’d endear himself to Allah by indiscriminately slaughtering innocent bystanders?
How do you determine the worth of marriages and careers and personal accomplishments that will never take place in those beautiful lives ruthlessly sacrificed to someone else’s toxic interpretation of his faith?"

Innocent people were killed and maimed. Tsarnaev will just get a needle. You tell me which is more cruel and unusual!

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