Wednesday, May 13, 2015


This column is perfect and represents what we, the silent majority, feel. It's by Anna Berg in The Times of Israel, it refers to the Muslims, and it's titled "I’m offended that you want to kill me."  Here's an excerpt, but you have to read the whole thing:

"I’m offended when you call me an ape and a pig.
I’m offended when you spit on and burn my flag.
I’m offended that you think “Mein Kampf” is worth reading – so much so that it’s on your bestseller list.
I’m offended that you create TV-shows (for kids!) that portray us as monsters that kill Muslim children, and use their blood to make matzah bread for Pesach.
I’m offended that I have to fear for my life if I wear any religious symbol that reveals that I’m a Jew.
I’m offended that I have to come extra early to shul because of all the security checks that I have to go through.
I’m offended that my friends kids have to have heavily armed police officers as guards outside their schools.
I’m offended that I constantly have to defend my country and our right to exist.
I’m offended that you want to annihilate us and wipe Israel off the map."

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