Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Assimilationist: A Dirty Word

I enjoyed Noemie Emery's column titled Bobby Jindal, Indian Giver?  "'There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal,' goes the story in the Washington Post, casting the worst of all possible lights on the steps that the two-term governor of Louisiana and current candidate for president has taken away from his immigrant past. For a conservative not born a white male in this country, this is pretty much par for the course. There wasn’t much black in Clarence Thomas, not much woman in Kay Bailey Hutchison (according to proto-girl Gloria Steinem), and there won’t be much anything in any Republican black, female, Latino, or non-male, non-purely-Anglo aspirant who has any chance of winning elections, gaining a following, or making a dent in the various voting blocs the liberals think of as theirs."  Read it all.

And read Michelle Malkin's column titled The media’s vile attacks on conservative assimilationists.

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