Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Democratic Decline

Did you hear that Jimmy Carter said America is in "inevitable decline" and that it's not Obama's fault?  Investor's Business Daily has a good retort:
"Sorry, Mr. President: But it is your fault, and your current successor's, too. There is nothing inevitable about American decline — any more than there was anything inevitable about America's rise to dominance in the world. The nectar of liberty nourished us in that astonishing ascent, and we can again decide to be great. Indeed, choosing otherwise will lead not to American mediocrity but to the bloody fall of a secure free world.
So it is galling when the worst president of the 20th century excuses the worst president of the 21st century for dragging us down to global impotency...The U.S. doesn't have to resign itself to second-rate status at the hands of China, India, South America or any rising economy. But that is exactly what will happen if we elect more misguided presidents like Carter and Obama, who espouse socialist economics and self-flagellating foreign policies."

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