Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fighting The Left

Go to American Digest to read this terrific column, "'Hello, Suckers!' The Left vs The Nice."  I love this:

"The Lukewarm Republicans, in D.C. and in Mayberry, are helping The Left destroy this country and as long as you believe you or someone else can stop The Left with clever tactics in moderate ways you are giving aid and comfort to those that surrender to every fight with The Left.
"You will get no credit for being the first or last to rush to condemn some Republican politician.
"You will get no credit for being the first or last person to have an opinion on the Confederate flag.
"You will get no credit for welcoming or blocking illegals inside the country.
"If you are 1% less Leftist than Party Secretary Obama, you will be treated as if you were Party Secretary Obama's sworn mortal enemy.
"You are/will be targeted by The Left no matter what so you might as well fight back and take some of them out before you're gone.
"Being 'the last Jew to understand where the cattle cars are headed' isn't something to be proud about."

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