Sunday, November 22, 2015

Response to Terrorism

From DEBKAfile: "Russia has launched a merciless blanket air campaign, backed by Kalibr cruise missiles fired from the Caspian and Mediterranean Seas, for the object of wiping the Islamic State’s Syrian center of Raqqa off the map, debkafile’s military sources report.  Western and Middle East sources tracking the campaign since Friday, Nov. 20, report that at least 75 air sorties have been conducted and are systematically razing the town of 200,000 inhabitants 160km east of Aleppo, district by district, irrespective of civilian town dwellers.Moscow wants the entire Middle East and Muslim world to see the price exacted for launching a terrorist attack on Russia after the downing of the Metrojet airliner that killed 224 people over Egyptian Sinai on Oct. 31.
The Russian defense ministry ran photos Friday of Russian technicians loading bombs on the Tupolev 95 bombers (dubbed 'Bears' in the West). Ground crews marked the bombs 'For ours,' and 'For Paris.'"

This is what Obama should be doing instead of bad-mouthing America from overseas! Instead, according to the AP, "Obama warns against overreaction to Islamic State attacks." Overreaction? In case he's forgotten, 130 people were slaughtered in Paris and 21 in Mali! How should we react -- like him??

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