Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terrorism News

As the Islamist terrorists continue shooting and stabbing people in France and Israel,  just imagine what America will be like if this becomes a daily occurrence for us. Obama may not care, but the rest of us do.

Isi Liebler has a good column about European Jewry's bleak future. He writes,  "The last straw is the massive flow of 'refugees' which threatens to completely change the demography of Europe. Unable to integrate its existing Muslim minorities, there is little doubt that the new flow, which inevitably includes large numbers of xenophobic antidemocratic and pathologically anti-Semitic radicals, will only strengthen the existing extremist Islamic elements. These 'refugees' undoubtedly also incorporate considerable numbers of jihadists, who will act immediately or remain sleepers until such time as a new terrorist operation is initiated."   But according to Obama, we are merely afraid of widows and orphans.

Nobody has asked if these Middle Eastern invaders are being screened for diseases, which is something that Ellis Island did so well. And I haven't heard anyone mention the possibility that the Democrats would love to have even more illegal aliens register to vote in time for the November 2016 elections. Now that's a scary thought.

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