Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Nation of Freeloaders

This is happening because Obama has vilified work, success, and business; and because there's no longer any stigma, shame, or embarassment associated with being on the dole.
"Make no mistake: Barack Obama is cultivating a parasite culture in the United States with the clear intention of ensuring that he gets the votes of society's leeches -- people who would rather freeload than earn a living for themselves.
John Stossel's report on Fox was vivid. Able-bodied people walking right past shops with signs in the windows saying, "Help wanted, no experience necessary" as they lined up to sign forms to get welfare checks at a New York office. Black business owners explaining that they had all-white staffs because no blacks would apply, even in a predominantly black neighborhood.
And atop all this, Obama undermining the welfare reform laws that were passed during Bill Clinton's presidency. The obvious purpose: buying the votes of leeches with taxpayer dollars."
Yes, he's transformed America, all right, for the worse -- and citizens simply aren't outraged enough to care.
(Lee Rodgers, via Blogs Lucianne Loves)

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