Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Review

I watched the Opening Ceremonies from the Parade of Nations on, and I found the choice of the flame-lighters extremely disappointing and anticlimatic. Anyone else feel the same way?  After Steve Redgrave passed the Torch to the seven young athletes, I was waiting for them to hand it off to a few more people along the way, fully expecting a famous athlete to be the one honored to light the Olympic Flame.  When it turned out that these seven were the Flame-lighters, I felt a tremendous let-down.  It reminded me of the reason Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize -- it wasn't for what he's done, but what he might do in the future! 
The Parade of Nations is always delightful because the athletes are so good-looking and the clothes so colorful, and because of the facts you learn from the announcers about each country.  I always like watching the solemn bearing of the Olympic flag but was sorry to see the head of the U.N. there as one of the flag-bearers.
Having Paul McCartney end the night with "Hey Jude" was one of the highlights. He still sounds great, even though he is finally showing his age a bit. Think of the millions of people who have seen him perform that song over the decades!
I just read, and I'm glad to hear, that Ryan Lochte defeated Michael Phelps for gold in the individual medley. Another one I'm rooting for is 16 year old swimmer Missy Franklin.
Go, USA!

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