Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brooklyn: You're The Top!

At her Brooklyn concert, Barbara Streisand sang these clever lyrics to Cole Porter's "You're The Top": 
"You’re the art, in an old museum,
You’re the taste of a cold egg cream.
You’re a Brooklyn Net on a private, jet nonstop!
‘Cause, baby, there’s no maybe, you’re the top.

You’re the town that begat Judge Judy
— and of course, yours truly.
You are Danny Kaye and Houdini and Mae West
You are crackerjack like the great Koufax,
Baby, you’re the best!
You are the shine on Liz Taylor’s rings,
You’re the crown on the Loew’s Kings
You’re a Brooklyn Height and an all-night coffee shop,
Listen, baby, there’s no maybe, you’re the top!

You’re the top, you’re the Brooklyn trolley,
You’re the top — oh my favorite! — you are a hot bialy,
You talk Brooklynese, saying “dese” and “dems” and “dose”
You’re a Rolls-Royce dealer, you’re the Wonder Wheel, you’re vintage clothes!
You are the top,
Brighton Beach Boardwalker,
You’re the top,
You are a real straight-talker
And you know it’s true, it’s an accent you can’t drop!

Yeah, Brooklyn, you’re good lookin’
I smell Chinese food a-cookin’
I’m so glad I took this booking!
‘Cause, you’re the top!"

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