Monday, October 22, 2012

The Benghazi Quagmire Continues

Today I heard that the New York Times' Thomas Friedman actually referred to the 9/11 terrorist attack in Benghazi as "an utterly contrived" story!  Tell that to the families of the four victims. Well, that's about par for the course in today's media. I suppose they consider this story utterly contrived, too: "An al-Qaeda inspired gang of British Muslims planned to carry out 'another 9/11' in the UK with up to eight suicide bombers, a court heard today."

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"But the question keeps coming, and it’s a fair one, too: WHY?
    – Why are these people dead?
    – Why did we not even attempt to rescue them?
    – Why were Ambassador Stevens’ requests for security unmet?
    – Why was it essential to have Marines guarding the consulate in Barbados on 9/11, but not Benghazi?.
    – Why did it take three weeks for America to secure the area, after the attack?
    – Why did the administration blame a video no-one had ever heard of for a “spontaneous” uprising, and stick to that story so resolutely that President Obama was still mentioning it as late as September 25, in an address to the UN? And is the filmmaker they blamed and took into custody still in jail?
    – Why is General David Petraeus, who now heads up the CIA, saying nothing at all? Why does he want more drones, when the information available from them seems irrelevant to our response options?
Why, why, why? Please don’t tell me it’s all about politics."
And please, it's a month too late for Obama to give a speech to the nation attempting to set the record straight. If Romney is elected President, Obama can just give his speech before the Issa Committee instead.

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