Monday, October 01, 2012

Romney vs. Obama

In Ben Stein's column, he suggests what Romney should say to define himself and to contrast his Presidency with that of Obama.  I think he has been trying to do that, but he is stymied by the way he's been portrayed. When Obama is seen as the Messiah, and Romney is described as a felon and a murderer,  and the American voters seem to be more stupid than ever, what do you expect?
Jay Nordlinger also talks about media treatment of Democrats vs. Republicans.  He says,  "Every race a Republican runs, he runs with a weight tied to his ankle — and that weight, that handicap, is media bias."
David Harsanyi has advice for Romney:
"It’s simple. During the upcoming debates, no matter what question is thrown at him, Mitt Romney has to dump the economy onto the lap of its rightful owner. The president, Romney might suggest, shouldn’t be judged on the economy he campaigned so hard to inherit, but the recovery he has botched. As it stands, Obama is the owner of the most pathetic economic revival in American history. A recovery so weak, it’s difficult to believe that voters even think of it as one."
The biggest problem is, the voters are sheep and morons! And even when they're given facts like this, they don't even seem to care!  It's like how American Jews will continue to vote for Obama despite everything. I just don't get it.

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