Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kidnapping Jewish Boys

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday by revealing that three missing Israeli teenagers were kidnapped by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which is currently a member of the P.A. unity government."  The American media yawns. Unless the abductees were black or Muslims, there's no outrage.  These French attacks against Jews so far this month alone didn't make news, either. If it weren't for the internet, you wouldn't know a thing. Hooray for the IDF, who are on a rescue mission.

Look how the monstrous Arabs are celebrating the kidnappings - celebrating! - yet in the press it's Israel who's always portrayed as the villain.

Facebook has a campaign called "Bring Back Our Boys."  Somehow, I don't think Michelle Obama and the Hollywood celebrities will bother to get involved.

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