Monday, June 16, 2014

Wreaking Havoc

This country is in atrocious and embarrassing shape when marijuana and illegal aliens are actually seen as boosts to the economy.

As for the stampede of illegals at the border, I don't feel at all sorry for these children and pregnant women -- I feel sorry for us and the havoc it's bringing.  Nobody's talking about the cost of this, the cost in money, in crime, in disease. Why have a border at all if it's not going to be protected?  Some people are actually comparing this to Hurricane Katrina and the people who were resettled from the affected states. But that was a natural disaster, not a man-made one, and those people eventually went back home.

In just this past week, we've had the Lois Lerner "lost" e-mails, the ISIS gains and atrocities in Iraq,  the Bergdahl release & terrorist swap, the kidnappings of Israeli teens,  and the surge of illegals, while the VA scandal has been all but forgotten.  I hate to see what this week brings.

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