Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obama's Iron Curtain

I really need to go on an Obama-free diet and stop venting for a day or so, but it's so infuriating, and you have to agree with Michael Reagan's column:
"He's lucky he still has the mainstream media by his side or he'd been looking at impeachment.
Imagine if the journalists at the New York Times, NBC or the New Yorker magazine were real watch-dogs, instead of the Obama White House lapdogs they still are.
Imagine if the IRS abuses or the botched launch of ObamaCare had happened under Bush II's watch.
Imagine if a third of Iraq had been overrun by ISIS terrorists in 2007. Or if our ambassador in Benghazi had been killed that year by terrorists.
The front pages of the Times and the Washington Post would have been slathered with new investigative stories and hour-by-hour reports every day.
The liberal media would have personally blamed Bush II and Dick Cheney for every slaughtered person and for every lost village or oil well.
At least today we have Fox News and conservative outlets like Newsmax and Daily Caller to cover the IRS scandal, which, though you wouldn't know it from reading the New York Times, dwarfs Watergate."

(Cartoon by Michael Ramirez)

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