Monday, December 01, 2014

Jewish State of Denial

Read Jonathan Tobin's column Defending the Right to a Jewish State.  He writes, "For far too long, those who have spoken up for Israel in international or media forums have downplayed the question of the rights of the Jews in the conflict and instead spoke only of the nation's security needs. But when placed against Palestinian claims of their rights to the same country—when Hamas talks about resistance to the "occupation" they are referring to Israel within its pre-1967 borders—such talk inevitably seems inadequate. Friends of Israel are right to seek to promote the idea of a nation state for the Jews not so much because Israel's laws need to be altered but because Zionism is itself under attack and must be vigorously defended."

Here's the May 1948 Declaration of Establishment of the State of Israel

It seems obvious, doesn't it? Why else would Holocaust survivors go to the safe haven of Israel if it weren't a Jewish state? This is one thing Israel should never make concessions on!

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