Sunday, December 14, 2014

Speak Very Softly & Don't Carry Any Stick

I saw this at the UK Telegraph yesterday but couldn't access the article because I had reached my monthly limit.  However, the headline says enough: Don't yell at terrorist suspects, soldiers told.  You can read more here at the RT:

"Colonel Tim Collins who served in the Iraq war said lawyers have effectively stopped the military from doing their job. “The effect of the ambulance-chasing lawyers and the play-it-safe judges is that we have got to the point where we have lost our operational capability to do tactical questioning,” he told the Telegraph.

“These insurgents are not nice people. These are criminals. They behead people; they keep sex slaves. They are not normal people.”
Lord West, the former First Sea Lord and national security adviser echoed his words: “While these insurgents are chopping people’s heads off and raping women, the idea they can take us to court because somebody shouted at them is ridiculous.”

This political correctness is only harming us and helping terrorists and criminals! It's a Pandora's Box with no end unless someone speaks up -- loudly!

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