Friday, December 04, 2015

If You See Something, Say Something -- Unless They're Muslims!

Well, I was right -- the lectures about our being Islamophobic have indeed begin, and by the new Eric Holder:  "Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged Muslim parents to contact both the justice department and the education department if they think their children are being 'bullied' in school.
'We’ve seen this for a number of years, we saw it a lot in the New York area [after 9/11], unfortunately, where there would be a backlash against the Muslim community in general,' she claimed at a Thursday fundraiser dinner for an Islamic advocacy group, Muslim Advocates."

Excuse me, but "backlash" is normal after your country has been attacked and innocent people have been savagely murdered!   It was that way with the Japanese and Germans during WW2 -- but Americans weren't lectured about it by FDR or Churchill! It's war, you fools, so shut up with the PC once and for all, and go after the terrorists and terrorist sympathizers in this country instead.

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