Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Great Debate

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker has some advice for Mitt Romney. I agree he has to go on the attack against Obama, but I also think that even if he has the greatest debate in history, and everything he says is true, it won't make any difference. The mainstream media will be pro-Obama no matter what, and unless you are a complete moron, you have already decided for whom you're voting.
This is from a commenter at Free Republic:
  "If it's a draw, it will be spun in the post mortem 'analysis' as Romney being brutally crushed.
    If Romney wins decisively, it'll be called a draw.
    No matter what happens, we will be told that Romney didn't do what he needed to do, and 0 still has a commanding lead.
    If 0bama says something incredibly stupid, it will be dismissed as a slip of the tongue, never to be heard or seen again.
    If Romney makes a trivial or technical mistake, it will be replayed ad nauseam as a major stumble.
    The liberal moderators will ask nothing but difficult question of Romney
    They'll ask 0 if it's difficult for him to share a stage with someone so clearly his inferior
    Despite the stacked deck, the press will declare itself 'hard hitting, but mostly fair.'"

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