Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pretenders in the White House & the Media

This is a must-read column by Andrew B. Wilson titled "Mideast in Flames -- And Obama Still Can Do No Wrong." This is just an excerpt, but you have to read the entire piece.
The Middle East is in flames, our embassies are under attack, and four American diplomats have come home in coffins. So who is to blame? It's time for the MSM to round up all the usual suspects -- and to exonerate a president who cavorts with Hollywood celebrities and goes on the David Letterman show to demonstrate his famous cool under fire. Perhaps he will do a Top Ten list on why the U.S. should stand by and do nothing while Iran gets ready to launch a nuclear attack that will achieve its oft stated goal of destroying Israel... Expect the two of them to pull long faces for 15 seconds or so over the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and his three colleagues. Then each of them will settle down to his own brand of idle banter and cool aloofness. There's not much to care or worry about, if you are as disengaged and self-centered as the gap-toothed comic or the president who seems to have learned nothing at all from nearly four years of on-the-job training in his first real job (i.e. one with real responsibility -- if he cared to acknowledge it). The mainstream media can congratulate themselves for helping to make this grotesquely conceited and troubling show possible."

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