Thursday, September 06, 2012

"The New Normal"?

I swear if I hear the Dems use that phrase one more time, I'll scream. This is their excuse for the failure that is the Obama presidency, and their reason for giving him another chance. We can't afford to take any more chances with him.

Here's a terrific description from David Harsanyi:
"Democrats say that things are a lot better than they used to be. And if you believe all the things we’re hearing, you might wonder: How did we survive in this Godforsaken place before 2008? Were children really left to die on the slab? Were college kids forced to pay for their own journalism degrees? Were people expected to head over to the CVS and buy their own condoms? Did we really suffer through year after year of 5 percent unemployment? Were we really so immoral before He showed up? Apparently."
I loved Geoffrey P. Hunt's American Thinker column titled Dems to God and Everybody Else: Drop Dead. Here's an excerpt:
"Drop-dead to seniors on Medicare, who will soon find rationing, capitation, and fewer doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals open to them.
Drop dead to those seniors greeted by the ObamaCare death panels of experts denying critical procedures whose 'cost to the system outweighs the value to society of any given individual life.'
Drop-dead to retirees whose fixed income is eroding under accelerating prices for food and fuel, also now suffering from interest rate hell where their life savings invested in government securities are no better off than stuffing under a mattress.
Drop-dead to retirees' pension funds and those saving for retirement in 401Ks investing in common stocks, as the Dems seek to confiscate corporate profits and suffocate business expansion through endless government regulation.
Drop-dead to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors whose federal income taxes will skyrocket in 2013.
Drop-dead to victims of horrible inner-city public schools denied school choice or voucher programs, and anybody else who objects to the union dominated public school monopoly.
Drop-dead to future generations faced with repaying over $16 trillion in federal government debt on top of more trillions in state and local government obligations used to reward municipal unions with fat pensions and 100% subsidized health care for life.
Drop-dead to the top 10% income earners who pay 68% of all federal income taxes  upon whom food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security depend. 
Drop-dead to anyone who still believes that 'government of the people, and by the people shall not perish from the earth.'
Drop-dead.  After all, God didn't build that."
National Review lists 689 reasons to defeat Obama, and Jennifer Rubin summarizes last night's "horror show" at the convention.  I am not watching the convention because it's hazardous to my health.

You can bet that after The Messiah speaks tonight, you will hear more about sharp pant creases, a voice like a symphony, and tingling legs, but you won't hear how he has destroyed our country and will continue to destroy it if he gets reelected.

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