Saturday, February 02, 2013

But It's Just Not Fair!

I agree with the Telegraph's Charles Moore on the obsession with the concept of equality. Enough already! 

"If you stand back to look at how Equality works, you notice three things. 

"One is that it undermines freedom. It specialises in attacking ways of living which people have developed for themselves, often using the law and even the police to do so.

"The second is that it undermines institutions. The bulwarks of a free society are not atomised individuals, but businesses, families, schools, clubs, churches, charities, sports teams – the Big Society we seem recently to have stopped hearing about. Equality is the government’s instrument for nationalising them.

"The third is that Equality makes everyone (except lawyers and other activists) very unhappy. No one knows where she or he (you see!) stands, what law he might inadvertently be breaking, what 'inappropriate' remark he might have made. And those who invoke Equality to advance their collective cause, far from being pleased by what they have won, are in a semi-permanent state of rage about any remaining imperfection. They are trained to identify grievance, so naturally they are aggrieved."

This is like the obsession with fairness and political correctness here, where people are afraid to say or do anything that might somehow offend someone else or hurt their feelings. Grow up already and stop behaving like victims!

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