Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Today's News

Cynical me -- I knew this story was fishy right away and suspected drug smuggling.  Why would you leave your family behind to go take pictures in Turkey, when you have plenty of photo opportunities right here at home?  It reminded me of the American "hikers" who went to Iran.

On TV tonight I heard about these teen thugs terrorizing New York. Continuing to call these "flash mobs" minimizes the extent of the problem. They should bring back the word "wilding", which is what it really is.

Obviously, too many women have way too much time on their hands, if they are offended by this logo.  Enterprise Florida, Inc. should not change it.  I am fed up with endless political correctness, watching everything you say, hurt feelings, people being offended by anything and everything -- and those who cave in to these whiners!

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