Monday, February 04, 2013

The Obama Hoax

This article at American Thinker compares Obama to Manti Te'o in that the public was bamboozled by both of them.  Scott Mayer writes,
"When will the American people wake up to the incredible hoax that is currently being perpetrated upon them? Much like Te'o, Americans are involved in an emotional relationship with an individual despite most having never met him face to face. That individual is President Obama. But unlike Te'o's relatively harmless "girlfriend" hoax, President Obama's hoax, thanks to the help of the MSM, is a threat to every American and threatens the survival of the republic as we know it.
Fortunately, the new media is willing to step up and do the job the ideologically driven MSM refuses to do.
So just to be clear on a few of the crazy things we've been told:
Ambassador Stevens was not murdered because of a dim-witted amateur video. Food stamps are not economic stimulus. This current economic mess is not George Bush's fault. Obama's mother was not denied health insurance coverage as claimed. America is not safer under Obama. Raising tax rates does not create jobs. Disagreeing with President Obama does not make one a racist. The cost of health care will not be lowered under ObamaCare. President Obama is not suddenly a Second Amendment advocate."

There's more, and you will nod in agreement.

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