Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Yontiff, Pontiff!

Well, this is a surprise: Pope Benedict is retiring this month. It's hard to believe he's been Pope for 8 years.  I love the ceremony and tradition in choosing a new Pope and can't wait to see what happens next.  The liberals must be going crazy, and I agree with The Anchoress, who says this:

"One more thought before I put this post to rest — I’m kind of appalled at how some members of the press are reacting to this. The announcement wasn’t two hours old when the cable news gasbags started in with their 'wish list' and expressing hopes that the next pope 'gets it right' on the 'important issues. A few sound like they’re all but crossing a line through this pontificate with zero understanding or appreciation of what it has actually been. And some of the comments in the Facebook threads are just so…awful. People are so busy thinking about their personal 'agenda' for the church — be it 'progressive' or 'Conservative' — that they’re not even taking a breath to consider that the man and his pontificate will be more than a footnote to John Paul’s; they have no idea what a force for Christian unity he has been in the midst of so much division."

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