Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't You Feel Better Now?

This is from the editors at National Review:

"In reality, the state of our union is this: The United States is today $6 trillion deeper in debt than it was before Barack Obama was first sworn in as president. That represents an increase of 57 percent in just four years. Put another way: Out of every dollar the country owes in government debt, 36 cents was acquired under the Obama administration.

The state of our union is this: Today there are more than 4 million fewer Americans working than there were when Barack Obama was first sworn in as president — not including those who have retired. The work-force-participation rate is at a historic low. Never before have so many Americans simply abandoned the hope of a job.

The state of our union is this: Economic growth is weaker than it has been during any recovery in recent memory; in fact, the economy shrank in the last quarter. Those figures may be revised, but in any case growth is so weak that the difference between what President Obama calls a recovery and what economists fear is the beginning of a new recession is within the margin of measurement error."

This is from American Thinker:

"Wipe those Boehner-like scowls off your face!  The State of the Union is strong and we've cleared away the 'rubble of crisis.' Businesses created 6 million new jobs, the housing market is healing even though people can't get mortgages or refinance and Obama magically decreased the deficit by trillions (I guess he did that in Oz where Biden is looking for a brain).  And, he did so mostly by spending cuts (I guess the entire country missed that memo).  

Obama explained that health care costs are increasing and driving the debt (not the spending, stupid) and then he contradicted himself when he said that Obamacare is slowing health care costs.  Are they rising or abating?  If costs are decreasing, shouldn't the debt be going down?  Maybe that look on Biden's face isn't a smile but gastric distress trying to understand Obama's logic.  

And, let's not forget that 'nearly everyone's energy bills are lower'!  Really?  All of that wind and solar energy didn't do anything to lower my gas and electric bills.  And all of that oil Obama claims we've produced stateside (more oil than in the last 15 years) has not only created "tens of thousands of new jobs" (in Oz) but has me paying less at the pump (somewhere over the rainbow).

That rubble of crisis hasn't been cleared away.  It's been swept under the rug."

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