Friday, March 08, 2013

Marilyn Maye

Stephen Holden writes enjoyable music reviews for the New York Times. I like this one about Marilyn Maye: "Wearing a glittering red dress, she could have been Mame, Dolly or any larger-than-life supergal from the Jerry Herman songbook to which she brings more vitality than any other contemporary performer. Her theme song is Mr. Herman’s live-for-the-moment anthem 'It’s Today.' Ms. Maye may be turning 85 in April, but she has more voice and stamina than most singers half her age. Although many of the songs in her new show, 'Maye-den Voyage,' are numbers she has performed before, nothing sounded stale on Wednesday. Her voice was full and rich and perfectly in tune, and she displayed a voluptuous enjoyment of singing."
(I like reading about entertainers who are still performing late in life. Here's a nice article about Herb Alpert, who is 77.)

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