Friday, March 22, 2013

Painful Shoes & Evil Eyes

Just when you think Obama couldn't outdo himself when it comes to infuriating you -- he actually told Israelis to put themselves in the shoes of the Palestinians and look at the world through their eyes.  No thanks. When you look at the world through their eyes, you only see the hateful Jews and the evil West.

William Teach has this rejoinder: "So, Israel has constantly been attacked by Palestinian thugs and terrorists who care nothing for peace (except for the peace where Israel and her people are wiped out), but, hey, put yourselves in their shoes. This reminds me of Obama’s written missive just 8 days after September 11th, where he called for empathizing and understand the animals who attacked and killed 2,996 people that day along with those around the world who danced in the street as the Towers fell. Perhaps he should tell Palestinians to put themselves in the shoes of the parents of Adele Biton, who was critically injured after Palestinians threw rocks at the car carrying her, her sisters, and mother, causing it to swerve and hit a truck. That’s what one Israeli lawmaker thinks."

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