Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Obama's charm offensive in Israel is as believable as the "Arab Spring".
Larry Greenfield has written an excellent analysis of what Obama thinks about Israel.
I like this Bernard Goldberg column about Obama and how nothing is ever his fault.
What a great line by Allahpundit, about Satan's (non)resemblance to Obama: "We’ll have a bona fide controversy on our hands if the actor who plays Jesus looks like Reagan."
Here's a good description of our President: "Deceiver-in-Chief".  As Ron Ross says, "America has made a grievous error in electing and then reelecting a leader who hates the country he’s leading. Everyone who loves the U.S. — its history, traditions, and a free-market, voluntary exchange economy — is profoundly disheartened by what’s going on before their eyes. Barack Obama is doing profound and long-lasting damage to the United States. He will continue to do so until people finally recognize who the real Obama is."

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