Thursday, March 28, 2013

Odds and Ends

I saw two articles today that show the continuing, deliberate decline of this country. First, the Wall Street Journal reports that "Use of Food Stamps Swells Even as Economy Improves" (if it is indeed improving); second, NPR reports how easy it is to get disability benefits, even if you're not disabled. A few years ago, Obama accused the U.S. of becoming soft. Who's fault is that? It's become far too easy to become dependent without shame, and that is a shame.

I agree with this column when it comes to gay "marriage". Lisa Fabrizio writes, "Only in Barack Obama’s America are people told that they have more to fear from those who love God and the U.S. Constitution than from an all-powerful government which now seeks to divorce them from these two traits that formerly defined what it meant to be an American."  She wonders, "And finally, why civil unions don’t suffice to fulfill the needs of those whose human identity is based solely on sex acts, yet still want to be treated as 'normal'?"

Here are some amazing photographs of our solar system.

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