Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Sue!

Let's file a class action lawsuit against Obama and Obamacare, on the ground that the stress from headlines like this are making our health even worse! "Almost 80 million with employer health care plans could have coverage canceled, experts predict." Also, think of it: you will have less money for basic necessities after you go broke trying to pay for your Obamacare plan.  You spend less, and stores go out of business. You have no money to give to charities, who will see a rise in people demanding food and help. If you still have a job, you will be paying even more in taxes to support everyone else.  Prepare yourself for the next Great Depression, thanks to the President who claims he didn't know anything about it.

On top of this, "more than six in 10 workers in a recent Washington Post-Miller Center poll worry that they will lose their jobs to the economy, surpassing concerns in more than a dozen surveys dating to the 1970s." Rick Moran says, "More parallels to the Carter era are emerging as the Obama economy continues to grind down the American worker." Yes, but at least Carter didn't destroy the country with Cartercare!

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