Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Today's Must-Read

Titled "Maybe Pain Will Teach You Millenials Not To Vote For Your Own Serfdom", here's a terrific column I saw at American Digest. I swore I wouldn't mention Obama today, but this is too good to ignore. Trial lawyer Kurt Schlichter addresses the Millenial idiots who voted for Obama (the definition of "millenial" is "a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000"):

"You Millenials voted for Obama by a margin of 28 percent, which will make it a lot easier for me to accept the benefits you will be paying for. We warned you that liberalism was a scam designed to take the fruits of your labor and transfer it to us, the older, established generation. Oh, and also to the couch-dwelling, Democrat-voting losers who live off of food stamps and order junk from QVC with their Obamaphones. You didn’t listen to us. Maybe you’ll listen to pain."

"There’s no sugar-coating it – your votes for Democrats have ensured that you are the first generation in American history that will fail to exceed what their parents attained."

And "Why do you support an ideology that pillages you to pay-off Democrat constituencies? Your time in the indoctrination factories of academia trained you in a form of 'critical thinking' that is neither. Somehow, you came to embrace the bizarre notion that conservatives are psychotic Jesus freaks who want to Footloosisze America into a land of mandatory Sunday school and no dancing.But liberals, in contrast, are nice. Obama is cool. You chose petty fascism with a smile. Not a lot of thought went into it. Facts, evidence – these were mere distractions from the feelings-based validation that came from rejecting us wicked conservatives.What did you get? The chance to be forced to buy health insurance you don’t want at inflated rates so my rates can be lower. You get to pay more out of your monthly barista take – liberalism ensured that the tanked job market foreclosed a real career – so that I get to pay less out of my lawyer checks. Thanks, suckers." 

Boy, is this a perfect description of so many people I know! Read the whole column and pass it on. 

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